Sunday, December 12, 2010

Big In Texas via NYC

Here's a little something for your Sunday morning that's cooler than the other side on the pillow...Hayes Carll on Imus In The Morning on Fox Business Network last Friday in NEW YORK CITY!

Hayes, Scott Davis, Bonnie Whitmore, and Kenny Smith are touring the east coast this month and had several great side appearences including this one. They played Thursday night and stayed up and out all night until they could load-in at Fox early the next morning. I have it on good authority that they wined and dined in an exclusive spot between the Thursday night gig and Friday load-in, just like all the VIPs do when in NYC.

Scott demo'd the tonebender P90 tele for three of the five tunes and Bonnie beat the tonebender DarkStar P-bass for all five with stellar results as you can see here.

Hayes did a great job as usual and kept up nicely with Imus, which is not always easy, but Imus IS a big Hayes fan, so this appearence went extremely well. Kenny was rock solid on the skins and in the pocket as always.

A good looking and great sounding group for so early in the morning. Says a lot for the sound guys at Fox as well, a great mix.

More video from this can be seen on Youtube here.

Enjoy a little something big from Texas via NYC...

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Down At The Crossroads

I had posted a youtube of Ray Wylie Hubbard telling the story of “Up Against The Wall Redneck Mother” on Facebook and got this response from a good friend, Laura, from my youth in Ohio, now living in Texas with her husband, Ron, and two sons.

Laura - I shared this link with my husband too...and got this response from him:
Ron - "I peed next to Ray Wylie Hubbard one time...we had a conversation about how good the band was sounding."
Laura - There was an old dive bar in Nacogdoches when we were in college called ...The Crossroads. Ray Wylie and Willie Nelson spent a lot of time there. And my husband peed next to Ray Wylie there. Ahhhh...those were the days!
Me - I'm hoping it was in the Men's room and not on stage or at the bar...Although that'd make a good story too.
Laura - Happy to report it WAS the mens room.

The story continues a couple of months later when getting permission to post this....

 Me -
I just got off the phone with Ray. It was the first time I had remembered to ask him about this event. I was making sure he didn't mind me posting some of his stories there.

Upon being told this story Ray commented -

Ray -
“Well that doesn’t say much for either one of us, your friend or me. The Crossroads - It was a wild place! There was literally a hole in the wall where you loaded your gear in and out. You sure it wasn't in the parking lot? Lot's of folks peed there too, especially when it was crowded. Man, that was a long time ago…(laughs)”

 Email from the originator of the story -

Laura -
  I lived in a tiny little duplex across the street from the Crossroads’ back parking lot, so “peeing at the Crossroads” brings back a lot of memories for me too, only not as famous as Ron’s.  Crossroads patrons would stumble into the bushes outside my bedroom window at night to pee before getting in their cars after leaving the club.  Lovely. I scared more than a few guys by pulling back my bedroom blinds to catch them in the act! 

Unfortunately The Crossroads is gone now...but if you wander into the parking lot late at where you step...

Ray on Commitment

Today’s post is transcribed from a youtube performance by Ray Wylie Hubbard, Texas singer/songwriter legend and unique storyteller. Ray is tuning up and explaining his “commitment” to his music to the audience.
“I played this festival out in California ‘bout two years ago called the Hardy Strictly Bluegrass Festival , and they flew me out there, and I played my gig and everything, and after I finished my set, this young guy came up and he’s around twenty-six, twenty-seven years old, and he said ‘Mr. Hubbard can I talk to you for a minute?’. And I said ‘Well, I’m kinda busy , I’m packin’ up my stuff here.‘ So then he says ‘Well, can I tell you how inspiring you are?’ And I said ‘Well, yeah, go ahead…” (audience laughter)

And he said “ Well, please don’t take this wrong, but I just watched you perform, and I was just so impressed by your commitment, the commitment that you have to your music.” He said “ I play mandolin in this bluegrass band over there and I just watched you play, and again please don’t take this wrong but here you are, you’re an older gentleman, and you’re still writing these songs, and traveling all over the world, and playing them, and producing, and recording , and…I was just so impressed by your commitment that you have to your music. I someday hope to have that commitment…”

And I said “Well, just never learn to do anything else…(audience laughter) …and you too can have this…this commitment…(smiles and trails off a little)”

“Remember when your parents said ‘Go to college, get a degree, so if the music thing doesn’t work out you’ll have something to fall back on’?”

“Don’t do that…(big smile) …and you can have this commitment”.  ~ Ray Wylie Hubbard

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Who's THAT guy?

This post comes from our buddy David from Stringwalker Lutherie. He has been a musician all his life (longer than most of us have been alive) and a pro bassist for many bands both in upstate New York and Southern California. A studio session musician for many years as well. He is a builder and repairer of all sorts of stringed instruments and responsible for the outstanding fretwork on most of the guitars and basses used by us in the studio and on stage. His site can be found HERE.

We asked him for a story for the blog and this is what we got ~

A long time ago (1977) after being in California for only a few months and desperately trying to find a gig, I managed to get hired for a month long gig in Vegas at the Golden Nugget. Working six nights, three shows a night. I was pretty green to the Vegas scene being a rural musician from the outskirts of Buffalo, NY.

The bright lights and other worldly action was nothing short of amazing, especially on one night that we had this intrusion to the show that at first I thought was just some drunk patron who just got very carried away and was out of control. Out of the audience this guy comes up to the stage in the middle of a song, rolls...yes rolls...onto the stage, gets up, goes over to a guitar in a stand that the pedal steel player used, picked it up, put the strap over his head and started playing with us.

Now mind you, I had NO idea who the heck this guy is, and where the heck is security when you need them AND why didn't anybody in the band object? On top of it, all the main people in the band were all smiles and welcoming him to share their microphone. He was actually pretty good on guitar and his voice a little different but the place went crazy and at the end of the song. The applause was deafening.

Now how was I to know that the band I was playing with, 'Spanky and Our Gang'  was such good friends with Willie Nelson. Definitely a night to remember!

~ David @ Stringwalker

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