Sunday, December 12, 2010

Big In Texas via NYC

Here's a little something for your Sunday morning that's cooler than the other side on the pillow...Hayes Carll on Imus In The Morning on Fox Business Network last Friday in NEW YORK CITY!

Hayes, Scott Davis, Bonnie Whitmore, and Kenny Smith are touring the east coast this month and had several great side appearences including this one. They played Thursday night and stayed up and out all night until they could load-in at Fox early the next morning. I have it on good authority that they wined and dined in an exclusive spot between the Thursday night gig and Friday load-in, just like all the VIPs do when in NYC.

Scott demo'd the tonebender P90 tele for three of the five tunes and Bonnie beat the tonebender DarkStar P-bass for all five with stellar results as you can see here.

Hayes did a great job as usual and kept up nicely with Imus, which is not always easy, but Imus IS a big Hayes fan, so this appearence went extremely well. Kenny was rock solid on the skins and in the pocket as always.

A good looking and great sounding group for so early in the morning. Says a lot for the sound guys at Fox as well, a great mix.

More video from this can be seen on Youtube here.

Enjoy a little something big from Texas via NYC...

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