Thursday, December 2, 2010

Down At The Crossroads

I had posted a youtube of Ray Wylie Hubbard telling the story of “Up Against The Wall Redneck Mother” on Facebook and got this response from a good friend, Laura, from my youth in Ohio, now living in Texas with her husband, Ron, and two sons.

Laura - I shared this link with my husband too...and got this response from him:
Ron - "I peed next to Ray Wylie Hubbard one time...we had a conversation about how good the band was sounding."
Laura - There was an old dive bar in Nacogdoches when we were in college called ...The Crossroads. Ray Wylie and Willie Nelson spent a lot of time there. And my husband peed next to Ray Wylie there. Ahhhh...those were the days!
Me - I'm hoping it was in the Men's room and not on stage or at the bar...Although that'd make a good story too.
Laura - Happy to report it WAS the mens room.

The story continues a couple of months later when getting permission to post this....

 Me -
I just got off the phone with Ray. It was the first time I had remembered to ask him about this event. I was making sure he didn't mind me posting some of his stories there.

Upon being told this story Ray commented -

Ray -
“Well that doesn’t say much for either one of us, your friend or me. The Crossroads - It was a wild place! There was literally a hole in the wall where you loaded your gear in and out. You sure it wasn't in the parking lot? Lot's of folks peed there too, especially when it was crowded. Man, that was a long time ago…(laughs)”

 Email from the originator of the story -

Laura -
  I lived in a tiny little duplex across the street from the Crossroads’ back parking lot, so “peeing at the Crossroads” brings back a lot of memories for me too, only not as famous as Ron’s.  Crossroads patrons would stumble into the bushes outside my bedroom window at night to pee before getting in their cars after leaving the club.  Lovely. I scared more than a few guys by pulling back my bedroom blinds to catch them in the act! 

Unfortunately The Crossroads is gone now...but if you wander into the parking lot late at where you step...

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