Thursday, December 2, 2010

Ray on Commitment

Today’s post is transcribed from a youtube performance by Ray Wylie Hubbard, Texas singer/songwriter legend and unique storyteller. Ray is tuning up and explaining his “commitment” to his music to the audience.
“I played this festival out in California ‘bout two years ago called the Hardy Strictly Bluegrass Festival , and they flew me out there, and I played my gig and everything, and after I finished my set, this young guy came up and he’s around twenty-six, twenty-seven years old, and he said ‘Mr. Hubbard can I talk to you for a minute?’. And I said ‘Well, I’m kinda busy , I’m packin’ up my stuff here.‘ So then he says ‘Well, can I tell you how inspiring you are?’ And I said ‘Well, yeah, go ahead…” (audience laughter)

And he said “ Well, please don’t take this wrong, but I just watched you perform, and I was just so impressed by your commitment, the commitment that you have to your music.” He said “ I play mandolin in this bluegrass band over there and I just watched you play, and again please don’t take this wrong but here you are, you’re an older gentleman, and you’re still writing these songs, and traveling all over the world, and playing them, and producing, and recording , and…I was just so impressed by your commitment that you have to your music. I someday hope to have that commitment…”

And I said “Well, just never learn to do anything else…(audience laughter) …and you too can have this…this commitment…(smiles and trails off a little)”

“Remember when your parents said ‘Go to college, get a degree, so if the music thing doesn’t work out you’ll have something to fall back on’?”

“Don’t do that…(big smile) …and you can have this commitment”.  ~ Ray Wylie Hubbard

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