Friday, August 5, 2011

Guitars For Vets

How many times have I escaped into my world of instruments to get away from some sort of unpleasantness in my life? All the time, every time, a million times, and still counting.

Now imagine you're a veteran in our country who is in constant pain of one form or another, whether it's mental or physical torment, caused by trauma you faced in the service or after you got out. There are VA hospitals and programs to go through, and some of that helps, but there is still a page left unturned in your life and a pain and emptiness that continues to gnaw at you.

Sometimes something as simple as a $50 acoustic guitar and a couple of weeks of basic instruction can take most of these problems away, or at least minimize them and put them in prospective. The escape and relaxation is incredible as most of you already know. It is also proven to help with clarity and focus on other life tasks and makes for a better life outlook altogether.

Thirty Dollar Stella and Tonebender Guitars donates to Guitars For Vets. We believe strongly in what they do for our brothers and sisters who served us and protected us and our right to enjoy the freedoms we have. Music heals.

We are all facing a crappy economy and counting each dollar. We must be wise about our charitable donations, especially since our government wants to take away our tax credit for them. This action will kill many good charities.

So whether you choose to join us in Guitars For Vets support or some other cause of your choice, remember those that stand and deliver for our collective freedom, and give what you can afford. Five dollars goes a long way if all of us do just that. Ten or more doubles the effect, and so on. You get the picture. I'm done.

The link on this page at the top right hand corner will take you to the Guitars For Vets site.

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Thank you and bless you all!

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