Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Countin’ Blessings

  A friend and fellow musician and I were discussing how to “keep it fresh” when playing and writing music these days. I had mentioned the underlying bitterness and resentment I had been sensing through other musician’s comments and posts on social media sites, blogs like this one, and webboard forums.

  Seems like the more someone HAS to do something, for food or a roof, etc.., the more prone they are to resent it and let the fun get sucked out of it. This has always been true of “jobs” and such. Anything that is hard or requires a lot of time and effort can go this route.  Tasks without the expected rewards, real or imagined, become tiresome.

  So when you pick a career in the arts, music, acting, painting, or whatever, because you love it and are passionate about it, be prepared to have some of the shine wear off that penny along the way. Knowing that this is probably going to happen in some form will help prepare you for dealing with it, although it may not completely ease the pain of its’ occurrence.

  You’re going to deal with boredom, repetitiveness, deception, disappointment, strain, stress, anxiety and depression somewhere in almost any path you choose. How you deal with it will determine whether or not it’s a deal-breaker. Sometimes the above mentioned career maladies can fuel a streak of creativeness and awakening rather than the normally expected destructive results. It truly is in your hands most of the time, as well as in your head. While nothing is easy or guaranteed in life, you do have more control than you think.

  Have a “happy place” to go to when struggling with your career demons. For those in regular jobs, put on some music. For those in music, go to the beach or park and just listen. And so on, and so forth for the other things we HAVE to do each day to survive. Chemical escapes are not what I’m talking about here, they carry their own risks and demons and tend to snowball on the escapee.

  Something good is happening right now, perhaps right next to you. Will you take a moment to notice it and escape for a while? Will you be a little less bitter about your current “HAVE TO” situation? What have you got to lose?

  Yeah, I’m bitter and cranky about things in my life. Yes, I have my music to escape to. I stop and listen to the sounds of my home and family for just a moment. Yes, it works for me.  It doesn’t take much to change my outlook.  I choose to make it easy. I choose to notice things that make me smile.

  My friend says “Every day that my gratitude exceeds my expectations, that is a really good day”.

  Have a good day today.

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