Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The "100" Club

A friend asked me the other day in an email if I’d heard about the ‘100 Club’ where the members have pared their possessions down to 100 items, this was my response.

If that is true I’m screwed. Guitar and music item hoarder. Still have my Hot Wheels. There would have to be a fire for me to comply. I do not NEED much, I just LIKE this stuff. We are slowly getting rid of stuff, it’s something that we involve the kids in so no one feels like they missed out on a deal or that we are keeping crap that nobody wants. It is a liberating process, mixed with a lot of memories.

When we sold my parents stuff, I realized how truly unimportant it became as soon as they had no need for it anymore. So many things that we were told to hang on to, mostly by my mom, were not as valuable as they thought and/or did not hold the sentimental value for us that it did for them.

More than once I was asked "what did I want in their house when they are gone". I would walk through the house with my mom hearing about what antique thing came from what distant relative. I told my dad I would like his tools and his navy pictures and uniform, some other old pictures of old relatives for genealogy purposes. He said “that’s it?”. Yep. My dad liked his tools and some of the furniture he’d refin’d, but he didn't need any of it.

I have my dad’s pocket knife on my workbench. I really don’t use it much. I just hold it when I think about how to make something work or fix something I busted. The answers come. Is it him telling me right now or a replay of something I was taught and didn't know I had retained? I tell him thanks…a lot.

So each kid will most likely pick out a guitar to keep when I’m gone. Some really good ones will go to a low bidder. Nothing I can do, won’t need them then. I’m sure I’ll thin the herd in the years to come. One of the kids will just want my pocket knife. I hope it contains the answers to some of the tough questions later on.