Thursday, December 11, 2014

"You're In Some Trouble Son" Track Comments

Thirty Dollar Stella's new album "You're In Some Trouble Son" has some pretty unique tracks on it. Here's the skinny on the players and the stories behind the music.

1. Mystery Train – (Herman) Junior Parker
Doug "Tonebender" Van Quekelberg – Vocals, bass
 "Mick" Kreple – Drums
Steve "Reno" Norr – Guitar
Written by and first performed by Junior Parker and The Blue Flames, made more famous by Elvis Presley with the famous Scotty Moore guitar lick. Stella takes it for a long ride three piece style. We love this tune.

2. One Eyed Ford – Van Quekelberg / Kreple
Doug Van Quekelberg – Vocals, harmonica
Mick Kreple – Guitar, bass, drums
Terry "Tornado" Quinn – Lead Guitar
Original tune reminiscent of a game played on dates long ago where whoever saw the “one eyed car” coming the opposite direction on the road could steal a kiss from the other participant. We remember lots of cars with one dead headlight. Rockabilly jalopy drivin’ music.

3. Six Days On The Road – Green / Montgomery
Doug Van Quekelberg – Vocals, electric upright bass, harmonica
Mick Kreple – Guitar, drums
Terry Quinn – Resonator guitar
Dave Dudley’s hit from 1963 written by the Muscle Shoals boys, often covered, always a fun truck drivin’ gear jammin’ road trip tune via Stella’s simplest groove. “Georgia Overdrive” – look it up.

4. Lone Train – S. Norr
Doug Van Quekelberg – Bass, harmonica
Mick Kreple – Slide guitar, drums
Steve Norr – Guitars, Vocals
Original tune by Reno, on a train ride with the devil himself, or possibly Ozzy, you decide.

5. Whiskey In A Pickup - Van Quekelberg / Kreple
Doug Van Quekelberg – Vocals, bass
Mick Kreple – Drums, guitar
Scott "Viva" Davis – Lead guitar, lap steel guitar, harmonica
Original tune inspired by a scene in the movie “In The Valley Of Elah” where if you find yourself drinking whiskey in a pickup truck with Tommy Lee Jones, you can bet “you’re in some trouble son”.

6. Copperhead Road – S. Earle
Doug Van Quekelberg – Vocals, bass, harmonica
Mick Kreple – Drums, guitars
Steve Earle’s seminal bar hit from 1988 driven back up into the hills in a Stella mason jar fashion, primitive groove with the same haunting message.

7. Wanna Rock And Roll – Ray Wylie Hubbard
Doug Van Quekelberg – Vocals, bass, harmonica
Mick Kreple – Drums, guitars
Saw Ray do this one live a couple times with “John The Revelator” and “Whoop & Holler” added in the middle and at a fever pitch. A man once said “never second guess inspiration”. From that this version emerged and the result was infectious. Your jealous actions can have dire consequences viewed from an Alabama roadside.

8. Roller Derby Queen – J. Croce
Doug Van Quekelberg – Bass, harmonica
Mick Kreple – Vocals, drums, guitars
Steve "Stevie Ray" Neilson – Lead guitar
A favorite from our early days in bands back when frequently the roller derby was on TV in bars in the seedier side of town. Best heard with shots and a beer.

9. The Cowboy Monkey Song - Van Quekelberg / Kreple
Doug Van Quekelberg - Vocals
Mick Kreple – Drums, guitar, bass
Steve Norr – Cigar box guitar
Original tune, he’s from the 50s, keeps time with his foot, wears a black hat, still a badass, he’s Cowboy Monkey.

10. This Time Darlin’ – M. Ness
Doug Van Quekelberg –  Vocals, bass
Mick Kreple – Drums, guitars, piano
Social Distortion meets Stella. This kind of hurt just takes on a life of its’ own, with one last tune on the piano before leaving.

11. Where Did It All Go Wrong - Van Quekelberg / Kreple
Doug Van Quekelberg –  Vocals, bass
Mick Kreple – Drums, guitars
Original, there’s just so much anyone can take, whether it’s the dirty thirties or a present day cancer battle, many lay down and give up where few triumph. Lead guitar with true real life feeling, dig it.

12. What The Cowgirls Do – Gill / Nielsen
Doug Van Quekelberg –  Vocals, bass
Mick Kreple – Drums, guitars
Steve Norr – Lead guitar
Vince Gill’s mid 90s cowboy bar line dance tune, Stella takes it down to a greasy lounge tempo and puts the slide work right in there where it feels so good. Dirty martinis and Lone Star beer for the room.

13. Bad Liver And A Broken Heart – S. Nolan
Doug Van Quekelberg –  Vocals, guitar, harmonica
Musician survival tune written by Canadian Scott Nolan, you’d think he was from Texas, we know what he’s feelin’. “In this line of work no one retires.”

Friday, December 5, 2014

"You're In Some Trouble Son" due for digital release this month.

There's a new CD looming on the horizon for the Thirty Dollar Stella band. Estimated release date for the digital downloads on Amazon, iTunes, December 8th. Hard copy CDs next month. You can listen to the masters on our Reverbnation site - - We are super excited about this release, it was a HOOT to record and came out great! Please give it a listen and buy our tunes - support independent music - we love our fans and put a lot of our soul into this one!